Geocommunicator Mining Claim Maps discontinued

I just found out that Mining Claim maps have been discontinued. They have a notice on their web site.

Well, I’m not that bummed. I stopped using it for locating mining claims after learning how inaccurate it was. I still used it as a tool to visualize the PLSS grid and SMA (Surface Management Agency) layers. It’s really no big deal that it is discontinued as there are other data sources available such as their Map Services API and LR2000. However if you are doing claim research, you really should be looking up information from your County Recorders office and LR2000. That is what BLM recommended to me.

After searching Google, I stumbled upon a link to another geocommunicator server that is hosting the Mining Claim maps. I’m not sure how long that link will be available.

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  1. Mike McCurley Avatar
    Mike McCurley

    As of 1/21/2014, geocommunicator cannot be accessed at all. Thanks to minerjoe for the heads up re. minecache. As usual the private sector has stepped in to do simply and effectively what the federal government can’t get right after spending millions of dollars. Like the barrycare websites. Makes me wonder why we’re paying taxes…

  2. minerjoe Avatar

    Try instead. It overlays LR2000 data in Google Earth, along with filtered USGS historical mines

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