Gold Prospecting Trip 1

This is our first time going out to to explore one of the richest gold mines ever.
Josh, Jenna (my sister) and I took a trip to the Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, Arizona. We read about the history of this place and decided to go take a look for ourselves.

Today is a drizzly day with large pockets of rain in some areas west and north of Phoenix. We hit some really bad rain driving halfway to Wickenburg and hoped that when we got to our destination the weather condition would improve. Wrong. It was wet and very cold. I bet that it could have snowed if it were just a few degrees cooler.

By the time we got halfway in the foothills it started to rain. We drove slowly till we arrived at the front gate with a Closed sign. I suppose we had expected it to be closed, so its not really that disappointing because we were too busy looking out the window in awe at the pure beauty of nature we just drove through. We got out and walked around for a bit looking at all the rocks on the ground and the hillsides. At this point, we knew we had discovered a hidden desire or common bond with nature that completely took our minds off the busy work week. This is it!

The trip was not a waste of time and we did not care if it was cold and rainy. We drove away cautiously aware of possible flash flooding. Once we made it to downtown Wickenburg, we ate lunch at a local restaurant. It was a really neat looking place inside, but probably won’t go back and eat there. That’s another story though.

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