We’re going to Nome!

In June 2012 three of us are going to Nome, Alaska for the GPAA Alaska Gold Expedition at Cripple River Camp.
We already booked a reservation and also reserved three 4 wheelers.
I was watching a DVD movie series called “Alaskan” which shows everything that goes on there during the mining season. You can purchase the movie set here.

They have the sluice boxes for getting that fine beach gold, highbankers for shoveling fresh paydirt, various size dredges for the creeks, a vibration table for separating the gold from the black sand and a bunch of friendly people that operate everything. When we go up there, we will have a chance to experience all that stuff.

Some people like to go metal detecting in the pushes while others like to go out on their own in search of that hidden gold patch. There are countless  streams to pan and miles to drive around.

One person got 4 ounces of flour gold in 1 week from the beach. That’s a lot of work if you think about it.

Our main gold is to experience a little at a time. Each year we want to experience more Alaska gold mining. That is the plan anyway.

I will be running a 4 inch dredge which means I need to get myself a 7mm wetsuit before I go. That water will be ice cold.

I can’t wait to go fishing for a fresh salmon and be able to cook it right there. I haven’t done that in years.

Do I sound excited?